About Glasspol.pl

We are pleased to present the offer Glasspol.pl company, which specializes in finished windows (modules) with glass blocks. Glasspol.pl company has in its offer glass blocks: LA ROCHERE, SEVES BASIC, SEVES DESIGN.   Glasspol.pl Company is the exclusive importer ventilation wents to the glass blocks, through which brightens the glass blocks can also perform the function of the window. Glasspol.pl company is the exclusive importer of glass blocks E 60, EI 15, EI 30 and EI 60 EI Glass blocks are certified in accordance with EN, Certificate in accordance with Polish Standard. Our employees have a very good knowledge about the products sold, so our customers can count on professional advice. In selecting glass blocks to be taken into account not only their color and pattern, but most of all the technical parameters, which in various manufacturers are different.

Other suitable glass blocks on the outside, and others as internal partitions. The criteria which should be directed to the purchase of this material are different, therefore we invite you to benefit from specialist advice. Our products can be purchased online store Luksfer.pl. We offer you our offer, we hope that cooperation with the firm Glasspol.pl bring tangible benefits to all.

Yours sincerely,

Maciej Zaluski

Details questions, please contact: glasspol@glasspol.pl or call Tel: +48 71 310-3000