Bormioli Rocco Glassblocks

Bormioli Rocco glass blocks

Bormioli Rocco glass blocks is a new line of Spanish glass blocks created by the great architects of architecture and color Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, who have again tried their hand at redesigning the concept of glass blocks. The artists created a new line of glass blocks, they drew on the best-known glass patterns that characterized the history of glass blocks.

glassblocks glass block glasspol bormioli rocco 1

Glass blocks metallized

glassblocks glass block glasspol bormioli rocco 2

Glass blocks tinted


Glass blocks colorless

glassblocks glass block glasspol bormioli rocco 3

Glass blocks end seals

Bormioli Rocco glass blocks

To make the Agua glass blocks meet the evolution of good taste and the new trend, the Mendini brothers, starting with a pronounced wave, have developed a series of research into an important element and have produced something that reminds us of water. Water is the original material and element of the element that has always aroused many emotions, often contrasting. In this way, a new Agua glass block design was born, containing and transferring these emotions.